Monday, February 12, 2007

A Busy Weekend

It was such a busy weekend, I didn't even talk to any family in Texas or Oklahoma! Now THAT is busy!

Worked Friday night until 7:30, then went to dinner with friends and then home. We caught up on the Thursday TV shows I taped because we went to Stained Glass Theater Thursday night, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Saturday we spent the day preparing for our class Valentine's Party at the church. It was good times. I will post pictures later, but you can visit Rachel Burch's blog (please reference "Old People's Class"). I know, it is painful to read that!! We had a great time, even played the newlywed game. We left that party and went to one of my docs' Tacky birthday party (that is what she named had to wear something tacky) at Millwood Country Club. We just stayed long enough for CB to eat, of course.

And Sundaywas full of church, lunch, nap and church. Other than my monthly Emergency Dept meeting this week, it is a pretty light week. Only to prepare for the following 2, which are crammed full. And looking ahead? Starting in April, every weekend has activities until the end of June! Crazy!

I will blog pictures of our banquet soon....I know you can't wait!

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