Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 4th

FINALLY!! Great Fireworks! I was determined to see some!! We had a great day with Karen, Channing, Lauren, Clint and Kristin for a lunch BBQ. Oh yes, and the dogs had a fabulous reunion...had not been together since the January Ice storm (see January posts). It was a great day. We then went to the Springfield Cardinals game with the McMurrys (thanks Ted and Jody), along with Clint and Kristin. It was a great time, and we saw some GREAT fireworks. I also took off the next day, and cooked dinner (which is rare) and watched BIG BROTHER!!!! Who else watches BIG BROTHER 8?


Hillenblog's Wife said...

WE DO!!! I just thought to check your blog to see if you are watching! Are you on 24/7?

ToyHelen said...

YES!! I do have the Live Feed! I love it, cuz you really know how the people really are....which is NOT what they show on TV