Friday, February 12, 2010


Good beautiful morning! Yes, I am happy as a lark today. I am leaving (sometime) to go get our little baby girl yorkie! It has snowed 11" in Texas! Isn't that something? Texas also woke up Christmas morning with a white Christmas! All my family love it! Anyhow, our PLAN is to leave this afternoon, arriving at the Bartleys around 8. Have dinner, relax, hopefully watch the Olympics and go to bed early, as I am not sure how my sleeping will go the next few days. Go have a Kincaids burger on the way to go get Angel!! Spending the day with Angel, have an early dinner (hoping for Mexican) with the Bartleys and then off to Honey's to spend the night. Also, closer to home. We will leave early Sunday morning to drive back home. If the roads are bad today, we might wait until Saturday morning and pick Angel up on the way in to Ft. Worth. She lives right behind the Nascar Speedway. I should name her after some racer, but I am not a follower of Nascar (sorry folks). I am taking Monday off also (well, I will work from home) to try and help Angel get used to her home!! I am so excited (CB is too, he just wont admit it, although I think he thinks he is betraying Prissy).

Tuesday night we are having our class Valentine dinner. Actually, it is an "I Love My Sunday School Class" valentine dinner. Looks like we will have a good crowd. Going to Jimm's Steak House, the OLD Steak and Ale. And the food is just like Steak and Ale, including the salad bar.

Anyway, wanted to blog about my new baby. I will post pictures here and on Facebook next week.

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