Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas in Texas, Part 1

The above pictures are from our Christmas with the Bartleys. We were leaving after work Wednesday, Nov. 29, then decided to leave an hour early due to the weather reports. CB watched all morning about the ice storm coming and called Clint and I at 10am, and wanted to know if we could leave earlier! Long story short, we did NOT beat the storm. We hit it in Tulsa. What is usually a 7.5 hour drive took us 10 grueling hours. But, I told Clint and CB that I truly felt the angels outside our car protecting us. We made it safely! We had a wonderful time with CB's family, even got to go to Hillsboro to see his Aunts. And HEY! It sleeted and snowed in Ft. Worth on Thursday....but was gone by Friday! Anyway, so wonderful to be "Home For Christmas"

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rachel said...

Who's the guy with Toby? I think I missed something!