Friday, December 22, 2006

Lucky and Grateful!

Ya know, we never seem to have enough $, but, I was telling CB last night, we are so very lucky. I feel like Jen does, so many great friends!!

We leave this afternoon to spend time with the grandkids in OK. We will be back to attend church Sunday. We have a "family" lunch after church, then the FABULOUS Christmas Eve service, and on to some new friends house for the evening. I work half a day in the ER on Christmas Day, and then we have more friends over for dinner and cards. Hope to make Silver $ City some time next week, and then we have a party Friday night, and Sunday night. Also, we have a Christmas Party January 6th. See? We are so blessed!

Oh, and did I say I still LOVE my job? My docs were once again very loving and generous to me for Christmas. I tell ya, I am one lucky girl. But, I don't forget my greatest Gift! My Lord and Saviour. He is the reason for all of this, I know!


Anonymous said...

I know you are not as old as me, but where in the world do you get all of that energy? I would probably croak if I had all of those parties to attend and have a job, too. Plus you help in your S.S. class. More power to you. You go, girl!!!!

ToyHelen said...

you are a great encouragement to me Hillengrandma