Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sad that HOLIDAYS are over....

But, we had a wonderful holiday season....From the weekend before Christmas to New Year's day, we had so much fun with family and friends. I will post pictures later. We were with the grandkids the weekend before Christmas. Went to the wonderful Christmas Eve Service (my favorite of the year) then to Dr. McMurry's home for dinner and fellowship. I worked in the ER Christmas Day, and had Karen, Channing and Deanna over for dinner and cards Christmas night. Went to the Comstocks Friday night, and we had our Annual pajama party New Year's Eve, and everyone spent the night. We went to bed at 2:30, and up by 8:00 to cook a big breakfast! Then......we took down the decorations.

So....all is down and packed away for next year (BIG SIGH of happiness from CB, sadness from me)!

Just waiting on the BIG SNOW STORM! (I know, I know, I haven't heard of one coming...just wishing)

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