Monday, January 22, 2007


WOW! What a mess our beautiful city is in! I only wonder what spring will look like, with all these damaged trees. Still, so many people displaced.... I feel funny to say, we never lost power. I am very thankful, and we certainly housed, are still housing, displaced folks.
CB and Clint moved Clint into his new apartment Friday night of the storm. I worked late, and we went over and I helped set up his kitchen. We decided to go buy groceries to stock his kitchen, and as we returned, his apartment went out. He found it fun staying THAT night. As I got up Saturday morning, I heard voices, and Karen and her dog, Rosie were here, as they too were out of power. Clint and his girlfriend, and their two dogs arrived later that day. We have had folks over during the day while we worked to shower and get warm. Karen and Clint's girlfriend have moved out, and now a coworker and her dog have moved in. Also the neighbor across the street is still out of power, but she came home last night with her little girl, so we have extension cords running to her house for a space heater and the TV. We have truly been blessed, so we are trying to be a blessing.
I have pictures and I will post when I can.


Jenny said...

How did CB do with all of his canine guests? Did you all have enough slices of bread?

ToyHelen said...

yes,CB did fine, I was the one with the problem, but only the smell, the animals were really good.