Monday, October 22, 2007

One Would Think I Don't Own A Camera...

My camera is collecting dust! I must remedy that right away! We even had a class activity and I forgot the camera once again!! I hope others might share their pics....(hint hint)

I wasn't home any night last week. I even FELL at a baby shower (with all of Springfield's Junior League watching me). No, I did not hurt myself, other than scrape my knee like a 1st grader!!

We had a DATE NIGHT with Clint and Kristin Friday night, and watched "Transformers" (brought back lots of memories), and we had a bonfire/weinner roast with our class Saturday night.

This week, I am off today taking a friend to an appointment. Tonight, my last birthday dinner. Friday around 1p, we leave with the Comstocks and Arnolds for Kansas City. Back late Saturday night. And I leave next Thursday (November 1st) for Women of Faith in Oklahoma City. What good times ahead!!!! And HALLOWEEN is in there too!!!! BOO!

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Rosannadannah said...


I think you all need to consider coming to Dallas next year for Women of Faith. I will go with you all. No one I know here goes and I don't want to go alone. This year they had it at two different Arenas. They started one 30 minutes before the other and the speakers went back and forth. They interviewed all the ladies on the local radio since almost all of them live in Plano.

Love ya,