Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Clint has a new job. He actually is in Madison, Wisconsin this week in training. He is Applications Specialist for our up and coming EHR "EPIC". His employer is now "Sisters of Mercy", which is the Health System that St. John's is a part of. It does not mean he has to move to St. Louis, but he will be doing some traveling. He said last night his hotel room was bigger than his apartment.

It all took place pretty quick. It caused a few problems with school. He is still planning on graduating from Drury University in May, but due to his new job, he cannot take night classes, so he had to switch to ALL on-line courses. And let's not forget he is getting married in June, with all of that to do. Anyway, we are very proud of this accomplishment. It is a career change for sure. He actually was called by the Springfield POLICE dept with a job offer while he was in St. Louis interviewing for this new job. A MOM is very happy THAT did not come to fruition!

Well, there you have it! And we MIGHT get snow Thursday!! I hope so, I want one snow before spring. But I am getting old....the cold weather makes me ache!! I am ready for spring (after a nice snow).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Clint! I know you all are very proud of him. What a big year this is in his life!

Hope you are all well. Enjoy the snow.

BTW, I had to put Obie to sleep two weeks ago today. So sad!! He was just too sick with heart failure.

Miss you,

ToyHelen said...

That is so sad about Obie. Are you going to get another dog?

Anonymous said...

Not any time soon. I need to have a pet free life for a while. Plus I plan to move to an new apartment this summer and pet deposit here is around $500!! That is what I paid at where I am now. I would prefer to be in a house but unless I marry into money (or someones wife passes away - you know I have two possibilities if that happens) I will spend the rest of my days in an apartment.


Anonymous said...

Hello Toy,
Do you remember me? Phyllis Brixey? Worked for Atlas? Choir?

I was just thinking of you, and ran across your blog when I googled your name. I didn't realize you were still in Springfield. I am in Branson. It doesn't seem like I have been gone from there for 8 years, but I have. Time has gone by so fast.

Have a Blessed New Year!