Friday, February 01, 2008

FINALLY!!!!! SNOW.....

I think we received about 4 inches. It was so beautiful. I road to work with CB yesterday, I had meetings all day, and we were sure glad to be home last night. I had put a big pot of stew in the oven before we left for work, and it was so nice to walk in smelling dinner ready. We got our pjs on (ok, ok, CB doesn't have pjs, but he DOES have lounge pants), started a fire in the fireplace, got our warm blankets, and had dinner and watched LOST!! Great night!!!

A fun weekend ahead. Errands tonight, and we will be meeting with a couple of Circle of Care groups from our LifeBuilders class tomorrow morning for bowling and lunch! And of course, going to the Arnolds for the Super Bowl. Kathy said we will have enough food to feed the neighbor hood.

I think Clint will have trouble getting back from Wisconsin today, he is flying through Chicago. Well, have a great Super Bowl weekend! Go Patriots!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Snow!!!!!
Looking for 70 degrees Sunday in S.A.
Joe Lee