Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day 2011

What a FABULOUS weekend. It was in the upper 90's but windy, so it didn't feel that hot.
FRIDAY - after work CB, Angel and I went to CB's parents to wait on Troy to get home from rehab. Then they watched Angel while we went to dinner at Outback (late, about 8:15 when we got there). Delicious!
SATURDAY - Got up and enjoyed coffee and reading the paper out on the patio. Then Sammye and I went to get a massage. I got a masseuse that knows how to do scoliosis massages!  It was absolutely fabulous. Then CB and I went to Kincaid's and then we went and got Angel and headed to Honey's, about an hour drive. Angel and I slept. Angel played with her Yorkie cousins, and then Honey, CB and I left about 3:30 for the 6:00 Ranger game. We had some high priced tickets, which got us in the Cuervo Club, which was air conditioned. We were soon joined by Scott, Tobi and Brandon, then Larry and Maggie (brother and niece), and then Clint and Kim. We went to our seats a little after 6, and honestly it wasn't too hot at all. The wind was coming right at us. AND, the RANGERS hit THREE home runs in a row in the 2nd inning, with a total of 7 HRs, for a win of 10 to 1. A very fun night with the Burns family. CB and I went back to Honey's and spent the night.
SUNDAY - We had a late breakfast at a little strip mall place called Mom's, with wonderful biscuits and gravy. Clint came and had breakfast with us. Angel learned how to come in and out of the doggie
door at Honey's, and Honey and I planned our next gathering! Then we drove home, dropped Angel off and CB and I went to the store for stuff to cook at the in-laws for dinner.  I took a little nap, and then we went to Sammye and Troy's, along with Debbie and David (CB's sister). We grilled steaks and had a wonderful dinner, and a good time with the Bartleys.
MONDAY - Got up and read the paper and had coffee, and then we went out and worked in the flower beds, pulling weeds, feeding and watering all the plants and flowers.We cooked breakfast and ate on the patio. Ran to Lowes and Michaels, and then home for my LOVELY 3 hour nap and Angel took a nap with me. I had done some pre-prep for dinner, BBQ pork chops, baked beans and cole slaw. So, CB cooked  the chops and we again ate out in the patio.
So, as you can read, we had an absolutely wonderful weekend. And just a 4 day week ahead. Hope your weekend was just as special!

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