Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thanking God!

After our HORRID Ice Storm of 2007, and seeing all the damage, especially the trees, I thought... we will not have a very pretty spring, much less fall (my favorite season). I am sure God just laughed at me! It was pouring rain as I went to work yesterday, but as I drove home, the beauty took my breath away. The Bradford Pears are already blooming but, the REDBUDS were NOT yesterday morning!! But they sure were at 4:oo yesterday afternoon. Isn't God just amazing? And, as I gazed at the beauty of it all, it dawned on me......I BARELY see tree damage! And then I heard that wee small voice "oh. yea of little faith!!" I smiled and thanked Him for yet another lesson.

Anyway, CB is going to mow today...and I am itching to plant something. In the upper 70s today! And I smell LILACS!! Oh, happy day!


Anonymous said...

I'm itching to plant, too, but I'm trying to make myself wait until Easter weekend. I'm so afraid of frost! I am going to HAVE to get a lilac bush at our new place.
Love you,

ToyHelen said...

yes, I did not plant anything either....waiting patiently (or not so patiently)