Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I cannot believe it! The weather has been so beautiful, almost HOT at times....and now, they are saying the word SNOW for tomorrow! Only in the 40's for a high! HEY!! I put my winter clothes away! Am I the only foolish one?

Well, I just THOUGHT that our holiday season was busy! HA to that! From now to July 1, we are BUSY! Anyhow, budget season is over and approved at work, that is always an accomplishment, and I am working on the docs' summer schedules. I have gotten approval to hire a FT secretary, and I am sure happy about that!

EASTER weekend coming. CB's parents will be here with us. Always such a sweet time at church. I was at rehearsal last night and heard ALL about Sunday's service (and I am not telling), but don't miss it! And isn't the choir sounding fabulous???

Well, enough chatting for now......


mamacita said...

For some unknown reason, your blog ends up in my Norton Antispam file and I've only recently taken to checking it regularly.
Any ideas why?
Since I finally made a comment on
daughter Gina's blog, I decided I had to try the same for yours. If it works, I'm gunna feel smug.
I will indeed tweak your brother's ear for ya when I see him this month. Was that it? Forgot already.
No point complaining about your weather. It's only 22 degrees here right now. But at least the sun is out today after MANY grey and cloudy days. Ciao ciao.

Anonymous said...

I am super excited about Sunday myself... and I think we (the choir)always sound FABULOUS.