Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moon Dance

What is a MOON DANCE you ask? Oh, let me explain. Back in 2000, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Dr. Tom Steele came to work, worked his whole shift, not breathing well, and when he finished his shift, they took xrays, and there it was! His lungs were filled with cancer. As I have said before, I have the best docs ever...soooo many of them work when they don't feel good, they will even come in early to get IV fluids before a shift when they are under the weather! Anyhow, Dr Steel's prognosis was grim. So in February, we had a surprise party for him. He played in a blues band, and he thought his band had a gig...well, they did, but it was for him. It was great...and we called that evening the first annual Moon Dance. He passed away in April of that year. To honor him, our Emergency Department has a symposium. This is our fifth year. Of course it is call the Tom Steele Symposium. This year it is all about peds, like one talk is "The First 60 Seconds" and another is what to look for in a baby who presents as "won't quit crying" (and yes, we get alot of that!). Also one talk on "The Ouchless IV", and yes, we will all get to experience that! Starts at 6:30 Friday morning, and goes until 5. THEN...we will have our SIXTH Annual Moon Dance at Bass Pro. This year it is a Luau. So, I will go directly from the symposium to Bass Pro to decorate. I hope to be gone by midnight! It is a lot of fun, but very busy. We even will have karaoke (I sing karaoke EVERY Sunday).

Saturday, resting and chillin' at the Arnolds Saturday night.

We got Karen home from the hospital yesterday. They are still watching her closely!

Oh, and who is turning 40???????? DANA COMSTOCK!! On Sunday. So be sure to talk a little louder to her....she is OOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD!!!


Rosannadannah said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

I can't believe Dana is finally joining the over 40 crowd. She has hung out with them for so long it is hard to think she isn't one already!!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. I will be there a week from Saturday for one whole week.

Lova ya'll!!

ToyHelen said...

CAn't wait to see you Dannah!!!

Anonymous said...

We might be resting, but there will be no chillin' in front of the chimichanga! See you soon!!