Friday, May 11, 2007

My Kids

This is a picture of my kids! Tobi is happier than I have seen her in YEARS! My grandkids seem happy too. As soon as I can, I will upload all the wedding pics.

I have been using Clint's desk for my desktop computer, and he needed it for school. I am NOT going to get on the floor and download pics, so as soon as I buy or borrow a desk, I will get busy! Until then, you must wait....

We have yet another wedding this Branson. CB is presiding, so we have to go Friday AND Saturday. And gas is over $3 a gallon?? What the heck!!??

We spent the evening last night with the Comstocks cleaning the Concession Stand. It opens NEXT weekend. But, even that was fun times together. We will put finishing touches next week!

Well, gotta get to work, because I need off early to go to Branson for the wedding rehearsal! OH! and almost 2 weeks before VACATION!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tobi looks great! I love the jacket part of her dress.

Thanks for all the encouragement you give me.

Love ya gobs!
Sarah T.

Kathy said...

Tobi looks beautiful and Clint is just gorgeous! Aren't you proud?!
Love you,