Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas with the Grandkids!!

1. Megan
2. Josh (who doesn't like his new haircut)
3&4. Tobi
5&6. Brandon
7. Kyli
8&9 Tobi
10. Tobi and Josh
11. Tobi and Zac
12. Kyli and Megan
13. Brandon opening gifts
14. Dad and Tobi being silly
15. Boys with their new guitars (and Brandon's drums were in the bedroom)
16. The girls opening gifts

Now Scott isn't here because he has his very own BLOG (love you Scott). We had a great time...lots of kids....lots of presents......lots of noise, especially with the drums! But really, it wasn't bad, they are always so fun to listen to, especally when they are just chatting with each other. And so fun being with Tobi....too bad she is the spittin' image of ME!!!

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