Thursday, December 27, 2007

"THE FOUR" Burns Family Christmas

The Middle line is Larry, Honey and Joe Lee. Niece Jamie and great nephew Sully, Nephew Pat and Niece Maggie in the last line. I cannot blog any better than Clint did. He actually sent the following to Texas about 20 hours into the 4 day fun. After reading this the Council of Four looked for 'electronic bugs' in Honey's House!!

The Family,

Although Tobi and I miss you all dearly and we very much regret our absence from the “Gold and Red Burns Family Christmas Spectacular”… we feel we are there in spirit. In fact, we have a few comments to add.

Mom arrives at Honeys to greet the “The Four”
Which by the way – this is the signal for the true party to really begin.
Honey attempts to order around Joe Lee and Larry with much success, however it is just not the same until Mom arrives
There are the initial hugs and kisses and high pitched voices from the ladies
The gentleman wear a very cute smirk on their face signaling their pleasure of their final sisters arrival
The Four settle in
The remaining of Thursday and Friday
There is much reminiscing
Most of which is spurred by, once again Mom and Honey
The Four are happy as can be, say it often and in mid-story (keep in mind there will be numerous breaks to take medicine, go to the restroom, and/or allow sleeping members of the four to catch back up with the story)
The Four discuss all other members of the family since they are not present
Naturally, Tobi and I are discussed first since we will not be attending the weekend extravaganza.
The male half of the four focus on negative comments that would demoralize Tobi and I
Mostly kidding of course with a laugh
Honey immediately gravitates towards Scott and Kristin making sure Tobi and I are both happy
About 10 rounds of 20 Questions ensue directed toward Mom.
She enjoys every minute of it
May I remind you again – numerous breaks to refill drinks and empty bladders
THE Wedding is discussed with much delight
Franklin is discussed
Honey is displeased with his absence
The Four discuss playing poker, but decide their social time is more festive
Every possible subject is discussed within the confines of the Four
Most likely, tears will be shed
The Four state, multiple times, how much fun they are having and how nice it is to always get together
Although The Four love their family, they enjoy time in the ‘Council of Four’ and wish they had more alone time
As others arrive Friday and Saturday
More smiles, hugs, kisses, etc.
Many of the stories and recollections discussed in the previous section are discussed again with new attendees of the Burns Event
This will occur many times throughout the course of the weekend
Poker Begins
Since there are less in attendance this year, everyone who is anyone is allowed to play
The normal rules are spoken
No Kids at the table
You must eat, drink
Must not allow bodily functions
All rules are broken
Pat makes a joke, mom does NOT laugh
Honey and Mom play Booray each time it’s their turn
Joe Lee, Larry and Pat suggest games no one remembers how to play
Discussions take place over the rules of these games which confuses Mom even more, who is no longer even paying attention
Pat sticks his finger in someones food
Honey asks Virginia for more money
Virginia, sweet little Virginia, says “Well Honey! I thought you were good at Poker!”
A male at the table says, “This is not poker, it’s Booray.”
Honey gives them a look while Virginia gets more money.
Gift Exchange
Mom or Honey (or both depending on their feistiness and/or good mood) go over the new rules of the Gold and Red Burns Christmas Exchange
Each gift is inspected closely
Many fail the requirements established in Las Vegas which were put forth by the female half of the four
Comments are made about the high number of gift cards
Honey is displeased
Mom laughs at the joke that was made by Pat earlier during poker
It took her a while, but she got it now
The order is either oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest
Attention is lavished on the children since they are so excited to receive gifts, even if in small stature
Attention is lavished on the oldest since they are so excited to receive gifts, even if in small stature
Immediately following, perhaps even prior or during Gift Exchange, new rules are established for Burns Christmas Exchange 2008
No one but Honey and Mom care
At least two of the members of The Four must use the facilities, take medicine, so forth during this time
Poker continues
More drinking
More of Mom not paying attention
More of Honey getting upset at Pat due to off-color jokes or bodily functions
More of Pats jokes that usually only a few understand
The festivities die down and we return to chit-chat between The Four and whomever stays and the Honia Bed and Breakfast
As Mom prepares to depart on Sunday, smiles turn upside down
New vacations are discussed
THE wedding is discussed again (as it will be throughout the weekend) but with focus not on the actual wedding but the events surrounding the weekend
Mom inquires about everyones plans wanting answers regarding everyones plans, however no one (besides perhaps Honey) has any answers for her
Why? They are waiting on Mom to tell them their plans
With much sadness, the 2007 Burns Family Christmas closes

That is exactly what happened!!

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